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WPUtils 1.3 for Windows Phone Released
Author: Senthil Kumar B
Date Added: 20121025

WPUtils for Windows Phone is an open source project coordinated by allenlooplee .

How to search for a Location on Bing Map in Windows Phone ?
Author: Senthil Kumar B
Date Added: 20121025

If you want to search for a Location and display it on the Bing Map in Windows Phone , you can use the BingMapTask .

Running a Storyboard as a Task
Author: Morten Nielsen
Date Added: 20121021

Sometimes you have some code that needs to run after a storyboard has completed

Tips on designing a great Windows Phone app
Author: Michael Stroh
Date Added: 20121017

Today Larry Lieberman brings Windows Phone designer Jon Bell into the studio of Inside Windows Phone to talk about what makes an app design good or bad

How to get Driving Directions in Windows Phone

Installing Windows Phone 7.1 SDK on Windows 8
Author: Senthil Kumar B
Date Added: 20121011

Recently, I got the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation installed on my laptop and also installed the Windows Phone 7.1 Developer Tools on the Windows 8 system .

Tips for using ads in your Windows Phone apps
Author: Bernardo Zamora
Date Added: 20121011

Today I’ll share some lessons I’ve learned about increasing mobile ad revenue—ones I picked up from publishing more than 20 games in the Windows Phone Store, half of them ad-based

ASP.Net Web API Service in Windows Phone: Part 4 of Many
Author: Dhananjay Kumar
Date Added: 20121010

In this post we will consume ASP.Net Web API HTTP Service in Windows Phone Application

Introduction to the Telerik RadSlideView Control for Windows Phone
Author: Kunal Chowdhurry
Date Added: 20121008

Using Telerik’s SlideView control, you can provide the user option to slide the items from left-to-right or right-to-left by fingers

Custom Styles and Templates in Windows Phone: CheckBox
Author: WindowsPhoneGeek
Date Added: 20121008

The first thing we need to do before customizing the Style of the CheckBox is to understand its structure and the most important elements

Navigate to an URL in Windows Phone using HyperlinkButton
Author: Senthil Kumar B
Date Added: 20121006

Generally , We use the WebBrowserTask in Windows Phone to Navigate to an external URL . Alternatively , one could also use the HyperlinkButton to navigate to an external URL too.

Simulating A Tab Control in a Windows 8 Application
Author: Dave Davis
Date Added: 20121006